Words of Wisdom

Great grandfather and me at the Continental Divide in Colorado -- 1952 -- a place from which to move on

The world we live in, grandson, will be very different for you than it has been for me, so different that I can scarcely even imagine.  The things that I have done to make a living may not even be options for you.  So, all that I can teach you that really matters is about values.  They are constant, like God’s love. Here are some values that I hope you will consider:

Value time over money. There will always be more money to be earned, but the time you spend can never be recovered.

Value people over things. Broken things can be repaired or replaced, but broken people can be lost to us forever.

Value good health over the things that make you feel good artificially. You will feel much better for it and for a much longer time.

Value God’s gifts more than what you might gain by exploiting them.  Everything, save for God’s love for you, is finite and must last us until the end of time.

Value learning over entertainment. Better yet — be entertained by the process of learning.

Value the journey over the destination. Once you get to where you are going in this life, it will prove only to be a place from which to move on.

Feel free to share the wisdom you may find here if you wish — the words recorded here, however, belong to me and to those who have contributed the The World According to Opa.


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