Missile Defense?

A recent Associated Press article reports, “Many Asian nations would cheer if the Americans shot down a long-range missile tested by North Korea, but a failure would raise unsettling questions for allies that rely on the U.S. military umbrella. The response to North Korea is being watched by U.S. allies as a barometer of how committed Washington is to protecting them. Some already worry the drawn-out conflict in Iraq may make the United States wary of getting involved in other foreign conflicts.”

Hmmm… we do seem to be on the cusp of a put-up-or-shut-up situation here. Personally, after all the billions of dollars we’ve already spent on it, I’d really like to see us proceed with a real-world operational test of our anti-ballistic missile defense system.  Yes, Mr. Bush, I would roll the dice.  In my opion, we have little to loose at this point in terms of national prestige and everything to gain.

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