A Message to Senator Barack Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,

Responding to your email, I’m not at all confident that this will ever get to you personally — I’m familiar with electronic marketing techniques.  But perhaps someone on your exploratory committee will read it and count it as a vote of encouragement.

Having just read your second book, The Audacity of Hope, I do personally believe that you have what it takes to begin a healing process in America.  It comes at a most critical time. And so I encourage you to not hesitate long in declaring your candidacy.  The race is obviously already on.

I do not anticipate agreeing with you on every issue.  But on the basics, I trust you.  These basics include:  doing the right thing, not because of political payoff or expediency, but just because it’s the right thing to do; deciding on issues not for just the present, but for the future as well; caring about people regardless of race, religion, creed, sex, age, marital status, or sexual orientation, and; restoring equity, justice and dignity to our republican form of democracy.

You have broad appeal, sir, not just because you speak and write well, not just because you are young and handsome, not just because of your humble beginnings, and not just because you symbolize for many like myself a melding of cultures, social status, and faith traditions.  It’s because of all these things and more. So don’t worry about the sound of your name.  America is getting used to it.  Do watch your back on the issue of religion, however.  The religious right in this country is already attacking your prior affiliation/association with Islam via schools that you attended as a youth.  Politics, afterall, is a full-contact sport

Your relative lack of experience on the Hill is not a weakness, neither is your enthusiasm for public service.  The American people sense that it will take a new face, someone not tethered to the old culture of the way things are currently done, to blaze a path back to bi-partisan cooperation.  I trust that the new kind of politics of which you speak in your message to Americans will lead to a democracy that gives all citizens a voice — finally.  To this end, you or someone like you will need to marginalize the fundament- alists among us and build a constituency of the mainstream, including both business and labor.  But then, you already know this.  So, my audacious hope is that this can be done at all.  And, if it can be, I’m betting that you are just the right guy to do it.

I don’t know that I’ll be able to contribute a great deal to your campaign, I’m just an average guy.  But I do plan to give what I can and do so regularly in the coming months.  Additionally, you can count on my labors when the time comes, even against the conservative political machine here in Texas.

See Barack Obama’s Website at http://www.barackobama.com/video/about.php.

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  1. Hey Kent, it seems you summed it up pretty nicely for me. I do intend to buy both books inasmuch as I am sitting on a gift certificate from Barnes & Nobles but have been unable to get out there as of late. We do need someone to deal in truths. Perhaps Mr. Obama is just the right person to speak to this issue. I do not know if the citizens of this country realize it BUT we are in a mess and I do pity the next person who becomes our president. Where in the world would he start? I would love to work for Mr. Obama’s campaign.

    Keep up the good work Kent!


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