Now Who’s the Flip-Flopper?

With time running out as President of the United States, surely Mr. Bush realizes that he has lost all credibility with the vast majority of the American people, to say nothing about the rest of the world. 

These are just a few of the reasons I can think of for the presi- dent’s approval rating to have hit an all-time low of just 34 percent this week:  his refusal to admit and back away from the mistakes he has made in the War on Terrorism; his failed plan to “rescue” Social Security; his No Child Left Behind program; his tax cuts that favor the political donor class over the majority; his confusing MEDICARE plan that benefits industry at the expense of the elderly; his lame excuse for not allowing Americans to buy less-expensive pharmaceuticals from Canada; his plan to give a Dubai-owned company operational control over six major U.S. ports, and; his conspiracy to undermine international scientific consensus on global warming. 

Despite his record of denial and attempts to confuse the facts regarding human-caused climate change, Mr. Bush called for global cooperation to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions last week.  Sig- nificantly, this apparent policy reversal came just days before he will attend the annual meeting of the Group of Eight leading economic nations of the world, where climate change tops the agenda.  But then today, Mr. Bush reportedly dismissed a report from his own Environmental Protection Agency that sided with the world’s environmental scientists (read all about it in the CBS News report).  So… which is it Mr. President?  Do we have a problem or don’t we?  Who’s the flip-flopper now?

Before we let Mr. Bush re-write history in the last few minutes of his eleventh-hour by attempting to turn this ecological disaster into an economic argument for “nonbinding” cooperation between ourselves and the world’s other major polluters, we all deserve to have a good belly laugh about it, don’t you think?  So, enjoy the following video brought to you by YouTube (click the “play” button twice).

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  1. Kent, I certainly enjoyed your comments as well as the YouTube clip.

  2. I think that info is at the very least slanted towards your beleifs, which is fine i just urge you to not claim to unbias info if you aren’t giving it. as an educator you can do better, your students deserve it.

  3. Chris, I have never claimed to be without bias, and I freely admit to the charge of being more than just a little bit to the left of center on the political spectrum. I do attempt to avoid remarks that are overly offensive to my conservative friends, but it’s very difficult for me to be kind in my remarks concerning President Bush anymore. In the classroom, however, I pride myself in being “even keeled.” I refuse to “brainwash” my students to believe according to my persuasions or anyone else’s. I just give the facts on both sides of controversial economic and political issues (it being impossible to separate politics and economics these days) and let the students make up their own minds.

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