In the Eye of the Beholder

 To paraphrase Francis Bacon, my aim is not to inform ad tedium, but to stimulate the mind briefy yet fruitfully.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, well, here’s a couple for you to ponder.

Some folks say that wind power generators spoil the natural beauty of the landscape.


Click the “more” tag below to consider the alternative.


By the year, 2030, North Central Texas is expected to have a population of 9.1 million living in 3.4 million additional households (Demographic Forecast North Central Texas).  This is a 44% increase over the region’s population in 2000.  With nearly twice the number of people requiring clean air and fresh water, do we really want to satisfy the additional requirment for electrical energy by anything other than renewable means?

Contact Green Mountain Energy.  Let your consumer preference for renewable energy today influence the politics, economics, and environment of tomorrow.

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  1. Hey Kent, I have already switched to Green Mountain.

  2. I need more information

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