Perry Consistently On the Wrong Side

It boggles my mind — why anyone would oppose a reasonable, bipartisan state bill that would protect kids from unnecessarily high levels of noxious diesel fuel pollution generated by idling school buses, and do it at a net cost savings for school districts and taxpayers.

That’s the question Environmental Defense is asking Texas Governor Rick Perry in the wake of his outrageous veto of HB 3457.   Click here to read his lame excuse for it.  Hmmm, could the real reason be that a major campaign reelection contributor has him on a short leash?

Learn more about this by visiting the Environmental Defense web site at

Send an email by clicking here to tell Gov. Perry that he’s wrong for opposing clean air standards for Texas school buses.

Published in: on July 2, 2007 at 12:38 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. Thanks for posting on this issue.

  2. It’s quite shameful to know that the Governor put personal politics ahead of our kids, and school staff’s health. His reasoning was ilogical.

    If only he had participated in the hours of public testimony that the state legislature had conducted on the issue. If only he had taken the time to read the science that proves diesel emissions are toxic and harmful to our health. If only Gov Perry had realized that he was elected by less than 40% of our state, then maybe he’d hide that veto pen until after the next election.

    But then again, to our benefit, we may not have to worry about any re-election campaign if he continues to veto important bills that provide safe guards for our health. He’ll push his ownself out of office.

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