Oh Yeah — What About Bill Clinton?

For filing away in your For-What-It’s-Worth department, I recently received an email from someone who had either been directly invited to read my recent posting, “How Dare You, Mr. President,” or had come across it while surfing the net.  He chose for some reason not to publish his comment for all to read, which was, “Clinton had oral sex in the White House.  What a saint he was.”

I politely responded with a thank-you for this person’s message.  In my response I said, “I hope that is an indication of your willingness to dialogue.  I hope to hear back from you on this and that you will continue accepting the invitations that I send out to visit my blog.”

I’ve yet to hear back from this person and doubt now that I ever will.  Oh well…  The rest of my response was as follows:

Democracy in America, I believe, suffers by a polarization of political ideologies and a voting public that is unwilling to discuss their beliefs and opinions with those in the opposite camp.  We, all of us, tend to listen only to those who reinforce our already-held persuasions and beliefs.  So, over time, our reasoning becomes clouded.  Overcoming this, if only in a small way, is the purpose of The World According to Opa.  So, please consider posting future comments to my blog so that others might be able to respond as well. 

Yes, Bill Clinton did this… “bad thing.”  He has since acknowledged it.  And though many Americans can find it in their hearts to forgive him (his wife certainly seems to have gotten over it — albeit perhaps for political reasons), many of us like yourself have not been able to.  That, I think, is unfortunate.  Regardless, I don’t quite understand how you think that it is relevant — how it ameliorates in any way what President Bush may or may not have done while he has been in the White House (a whole new subject of a future posting perhaps). 

Remember, Clinton was not impeached by Congress for his extra-marital affair.  He was impeached because there was a sufficient number of Representatives and Senators in the Congress at that time who wanted him embarrassed and discredited.  He was impeached for partisan reasons.  His crime was not adultery, which is not necessarily the same thing as a sin.  His crime was lying about it under oath.  This, though serious in my book, was not judged by the Congress to be serious enough to put him on trial.  The original act, and the lie that followed, did not jeopardize national security, did not put any soldiers in harm’s way, did not cost the taxpayers any money (though it did distract Congress from the business they should have been tending to, and whose fault was that?), did not contribute to the National Debt, did not damage the environment, and did not break any international treaties.  It did, however, destroy the reputation of a lovely, very bright young lady who, prior to the media coverage that ensued, nobody had ever heard of, and, since, nobody will ever be able to forget.  This, I believe, was the Cardinal sin.  And this sin was not Bill Clinton’s.

Recall the words of Jesus according to John 8:7 (NCV), “Anyone here who has never sinned can cast the first stone at her.”  The message in this for me is that we are all human, therefore we are all sinners.

There was a time in America when, what went on in the White House stayed in the White House.  Would that we could return to that time.

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  1. Hi Bub, thought I’d jump in here on this as I found it very interesting. You’re right in the fact that what does Clinton’s faux pas have anything to do with where George W. is going right now? Totally different. Just a suggestion when “blogging” with someone you don’t know. If you don’t know a person’s religious persuasion, or lack of one, quoting scripture can be a turn off to those not inclined to think along those lines. I’d wait to introduce God until they open that door. Love you! Sis

  2. Quoting Scripture may be lost on — or a turn-off for some, but I believe that it has relevance for us all.
    This Above All… Thanks, sis.

  3. Hey Kent, I love your take on the “sin of Bill Clinton.”
    We really do not know all the personal sinful things that go on in the WH and personally, I do not want to know. All I wish to know is how well our country is doing or not doing. Right now, our country is in a quagmire and someone is running our country by the seat of their pants. I do say someone as I believe it to be a foreign entity since no red-blood American would put our country in this predicament. I refuse to dwell on the negative situation and praise God for the positive side of things such as reading your blogs. How enlightening! Thanks for your Biblical quote. There is an old saying: “If two people agree on everything, then one of them is not needed,” or something to that effect. Do not quote me on that but I think I get the message. We must learn to listen to others as well dialogue. Who knows, we might learn something.


  4. To answer your question, Nancy, about who is running things in America, read Al Gore’s new book, “The Assault on Reason.” It becomes abundantly clear who’s running things after the first fifty pages or so, and I’m convinced that Gore is correct about this — it tracks with my recent economics studies. It is run by the dozen or so of America’s largest corporations, which are rapidly becoming International conglomerates. We are today less a democracy and more a corporatocracy.

    The insidious process of accumulated wealth influencing politicians in this country has had a long, long history, but it
    was accelerated greatly during the Reagan years, continued right on through Clinton’s, and is now running full-steam ahead under the Bush administration.

    Consent of the governed is now a commodity to be purchased, and it’s being done through mass media. This is how and why we got into this mess in Iraq — it was corporate greed, taking advantage of our fears, that manufactured the ad campaign about WMD. Scary, hugh!

  5. I wonder why quoting the scripture is a turn off for some people……….and seems to be a common theme on many blog comments. Perhaps if the whole post was a fire and brimstone sermon to it’s reader than maybe I can understand, but even there, no one has to read it. In this case, it was used to illustrate a simple fact that no can deny, no man is perfect. No more, no less.

    I’ve never hear of anyone being turned off by poetry or other literary works (unless obscene), so am puzzled why a simple quote from the scripture is a turnoff…………..? I never heard a zen saying or a quote from the Buddah, as being a turnoff either…….wonder why.

    Interesting post!

    J Alan

  6. Thank you, JAllen, for your comment on readers rejecting Scriptural passages. Your sentiment reflects my own.

    Perhaps secular readers have become overly sensitive to faith-based wisdom because of past, poor experiences with evangelists, especially of the Christian and pseudo-Christian variety. Two examples easily come to mind: Jehovah Whiteness visitors at the door just when we’ve sat down to Sunday dinner and, the polite young Mormon missionaries insisting that we can only be saved if we accept their particular twist on things. Y’know, of the world’s great religions, only Christianity and Islam attempt to impose their beliefs on others.

  7. I’ll start off by saying that I am known for not liking jokes about The President. This is a direct result of how Bill Clinton was treated while he was in office and a joke about him that was told to me during that time. The Office of the President deserves the respect of the American people. All of the American people. Keith Olbermann nailed it with his John Wayne quote “I didn’t vote for him but he’s my President and I hope he does a good job”. I did vote for Bill Clinton and I am proud that I did. The whole time President Clinton was in office I said to anyone that would listen “they need to just leave him alone”. With that I was referring to Whitewater, Monica Lewinski, and whatever else they came up with to keep President Clinton from doing what WE (we, the American people) elected him to do – RUN OUR COUNTRY. I think President Clinton’s extra curricular activities were a matter to be debated and discussed between him and his wife. Honestly, I don’t think I care that he had oral sex in the White House. I have to believe JFK did too and it would appear the secret service did better job of keeping the President’s secrets in the 1960’s than they do now. I didn’t vote for George Bush. But do you know what; I haven’t listened to the Dixie Chicks since they verbally disrespected him during their British concert. I hope the next President is someone that I voted for but if he (or she) isn’t, then so be it. That person will still be my President. I hope they will do a good job. And they will continue to have my respect.

  8. Yeah — I hear you, Janet — clearly. If I have offended you in some way by seeming to disrespect the “Office” of the President of the United States, I apologize. But the man, in my view, whether Bill Clinton or George Bush, is not the office. The man merely occupies the office for a limited duration, and he does so by consent of the people. It is our government, not his alone. So, it is sad that we cannot express our dissent with the policies of the man without seeming to disrespect the office, but it’s not always possible to have it both ways. In Bill Clinton’s case, Congress went after the man rather than his policies.
    The American people, under the Constitution, have (or should I say “had”) the right to hold elected officials accountable — and this includes the President. From the Declaration of Independence: “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…” In the case of this administration, not Bill Clinton’s, consent, I honestly believe, has been manufactured by way of misinformation and deception cloaked in a veil of secrecy and denial. This is a travesty of the Founders’ intent.

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