A Scapegoat for Mr. Bush’s War

Keith Olbermann did it again July 19th when he reported on MSNBC about the Bush-Cheney administration’s condemnation of Senator Hillary Clinton’s question concerning DOD planning for a future troop withdrawal.  You may see a replay of this broadcast segment by clicking twice on the play button below, once to load, the second time to play.

I had not seen this until this morning while surfing the net on war issues, although I do remember Barack Obama praising Senator Clinton for just asking the question.  Senator Clinton, as a candi- date in the next election for President of the United States, did not ask the question publically, but in a private letter to the Depart- ment of Defense as a functioning member of Congress in its Consti- tutional role of oversight in the budgetary process.  Notwith- standing, the Bush-Cheney administration responded publically, giving a copy of Senator Clinton’s letter to the Associated Press, thus, making it a political issue.  So, if anyone was providing succor to our enemies in Iraq, it certainly was not Senator Clinton.

Further comment by myself on Mr. Olbermann’s political com- mentary is totally unnecessary.  However, I do invite yours.

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