Thanksgiving 2010 ~ What’s There to be Thankful For?

Is it too early to say, “Bah Humbug?”

November 25, 2010 — Yeah, I know, it’s practically un-American not to smile big and wide and count all our blessings on this traditional day of thanks. But it’s difficult for me to be upbeat this year.

Yes, the misses was busy all day long yesterday preparing for the big day, is still busy this morning making everything just right and the house is already smelling yummy. But nobody’s happily driving over-the-river-and-through-the-wood to be here with us. Most of them live too far away — like in Utah, Colorado and Singapore for crying out loud.

Oh well, at least we can count on our little great granddaughter to liven things up for us. She and her mom have been living with us for months while mom gets back on her feet — a victim of the Great Recession. If the little girl likes nothing else that Oma has fixed, I anticipate that she’ll love Ms. Dee’s fabulous Bing Cherry jello salad.

While the retailers are all hoping for a great shopping season, it just isn’t going to happen. Too many folks are counting their nickels and dimes and praying for the economy to turn around faster. Too many folks are still out of work or underemployed. But the economy’s already turned around. What hasn’t turned around is the jobs situation, and that’s not going to turn around anytime soon, if ever.

Jobs in America depend on demand for American-made goods and services, and most of the things we buy are now made elsewhere. While we have opened our markets to almost every other country in the world, the biggest markets are still closed to us or largely so. Other nations and regions are more concerned, as our president has just discovered, about their own economic problems than they are about pulling together and helping us. It may now be a “world” economy, but it’s still a world made up of self-serving nations, trading alliances, oligopolies, corporations, and individuals. Besides, the Cowboys are having their worst season ever.

Having retired from teaching this year, I’m already missing the classroom — already missing my students’ bright and inquisitive faces even as I’m missing family so many miles away. No, retirement’s not all it’s cracked-up to be. So, as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is being beamed to our satellite receiver this morning, I apologize for raining on your personal parades. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and put aside the problems of the world if you can, if only just for one day. Enjoy your turkey and be grateful if you have anyone with whom to share it. Hmmmm… perhaps I should take my own advice.

I think I might be feeling less glum if our nation’s leaders would just come together and agree on something. Let’s all pray about that, okay? And while we’re praying, let’s not forget our young men and women in uniform, especially those overseas, especially those in combat zones and the 28,000 or more stationed in South Korea. I can just imagine how they are spending their Thanksgiving. Turkey in the field. Yum! So, if we can find nothing else to be thankful for, we can at least be thankful for their service.


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  1. I’m with you on this one today, Opa. Hope you have a very nice Thanksgiving! And I’m also in 110% on giving thanks for the service of our wonderful men and women in uniform. Been there, done that, missed the folks back home on many holidays.

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