Fathers’ Day ~ A Special Children’s Sermon

June 15, 2012 — Good morning (speaking to the children).

So, it’s Fathers’ Day, right? Yeah… that’s right. Father’s Day is a special day set aside for us to honor our fathers, our male parents. Are there other names for our fathers? Raise your hand if you know of one (listen for examples and move microphone to children who want to share)?

Ok, good… dad, daddy, poppa. These are special names we sometimes give to our earthly fathers. How about our fathers’ fathers and our mothers’ fathers, our grandfathers? Is this a day for honoring them too? Yeah, sure it is. But what are we supposed to do if we don’t have a male parent actually living with us? Some boys and girls don’t have one you know. I didn’t. I grew up without a father. But I was lucky enough to have a grandfather. I called him grandpa. He wasn’t really my grandfather, he was my mother’s step father, so there was no blood relation. But he loved me anyway, and taught me lots of good stuff.

Y’know, Jesus had a special name for his father. His father was Father God, who just so happens to be our Father too, our Heavenly Father. So, in a way, that makes Jesus our big brother. How cool is that?!?! This means that, whether we have an earthly father living with us our not, and even if we don’t have a special male role model in our lives right now, we always have the best father possible, our Heavenly Father.

In the language Jesus spoke, the word for daddy was Abba. So, when he prayed to our Heavenly Father, he might have addressed him as Abba. Do you think God would mind if we called him Abba too? Nah… I think He would probably like it.

Who will count for us today?


Thank you, Father God — Abba,

for being the perfect parent.

Thank you for loving us like You do

and for sending us your first-born son,

our Big Brother, Jesus, to be our example

for how you want us to live.


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