The Politics of Hate and Fear ~ Who is the Most Hated President of All Times?

With the nation so divided politically, almost no one has a neutral opinion of president Obama; they either love and admire him if they are Democrat, or they hate and vilify him if they are Republican.

July 11, 2012 — When you google the question, “Who is the most hated president?” you get lots of different answers. Some say Abraham Lincoln, arguably one of our greatest presidents. But he was hated in his time by many for his stance on extending slavery to new western states. The South, and many in the North even, blamed him for our deadliest war, the Civil War. Some say Herbert Hoover because he was president when the nation slipped into the Great Depression. Some say George W. Bush because his administration’s fiscal and regulatory policies are held largely responsible for causing the Great Recession. There is, of course, plenty of blame to go around for the recession. But then there’s the two wars that many say were unnecessary and wasteful, not only of our fortune but of precious blood as well. But about half the answers you’ll get are, yes, Barack Hussein Obama. With the nation so divided politically, almost no one has a neutral opinion of President Obama; they either love and admire him if they are Democrat, or they hate and vilify him if they are Republican.

Democrats love him because they see him as an honest, affable, hardworking president who tries to achieve consensus with the Congress on measures to help the economy recover. They believe he earnestly seeks to restore our faith in America. They see him as working for the good of all people regardless of race, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, or social and economic status. They believe he wants us all to have better lives and equal opportunity. For many, he is a symbol of what is still possible in America for persons born to humble means. But why do Republicans hate President Obama so? THE FOLLOWING IS BASED ON A FACEBOOK POSTING BY ANTI-REPUBLICAN CRUSADERS:

They hate him because they are told that he is a socialist!…  which he isn’t — not even close. Socialism is something of which they thoroughly and proudly refuse to comprehend. But they call people socialists, almost as freely as they call all progressives liberals, because they’re sure these words mean something “evil”, something that deprives people of individual freedoms.

They hate him because they are told he is going to take away their guns!… which he isn’t. He hasn’t said a word about it, other than to offer the opinion that maybe people don’t really need to own militarized assault weapons. Given the number of people who have threatened him with assassination, maybe he should be saying more though.

They hate him because they are told he has raised their taxes!…  except he hasn’t; he has lowered them. But that’s impossible and irrelevant, they think. He’s a Democrat. Therefore he must have raised taxes, just as all the Republicans who have raised their taxes in the past really lowered them – because, well,  everyone knows it always works out that way. Democrats raise taxes, Republicans lower them.

They hate him because they are told that he is bankrupting the country… except that their party’s corporate welfare, tax loopholes and lowered tax rates for the wealthy, two un-funded wars, an unpaid for prescription drug law for seniors, and massive defense program spending did much more damage than unemployment extensions, a few road projects and some extra cash for states to keep our teachers, police and firefighters working ever did.

They hate him because they are told that he hates business and is killing jobs!… except he’s the only one who has managed to create any jobs at all. He’s been pro-business, anti-regulation and pro-reform to such an extent that many in his own party shake their heads in despair.

They hate him because they are told that he is trying to take away their freedoms!… though the only freedom he’s tried to reign-in is the power that Republicans have obtained over time for corporations. Denying civil rights, voting rights, and the right to make private, intimate decisions people for people who are different or think different doesn’t quite compute for Republicans as taking away freedoms. Obama doesn’t believe that human rights are fungible, dependent on the religious and political whims of the loudest group of people carrying signs. He understands that what they are allowed to strip us of now, we could strip from them tomorrow.

They hate him because they are told that he is obviously soft; he ended the war in Iraq, has set a deadline for our withdraw from Afghanistan, and appeases terrorists!… except he isn’t soft. He has been distressingly militant, taking down, one by one, the top echelon of those who have declared themselves to be enemies of America… along with more than just a few innocent bystanders along the way.

They hate him because they are told of all his horrible, dangerous policies, many of which were policies Republicans proposed themselves a few years ago and were cheerleaders for until he signed on to them.

They hate him because they are told he is a Kenyan!… except of course he’s not. No one even actually believes that anyway except the kind of people who are desperate to keep their masks on long after the costume party has ended. Others may say it, may answer that way on polls, but you can see in their eyes that they’re not really that stupid. They know it isn’t true.

They hate him because they are told he is Muslim!…  though he has attended a Christian church all his life, and which presumes that being a member of the Muslim faith is, in itself a reasonable cause to hate and revile him and millions of people on earth (whereas hating someone because they’re a hateful, close-minded Christian is just ridiculous).

They hate him because they are told he wants to murder babies!…  which to anyone who has ever seen him with children is just patently moronic. He’s the one trying to feed them and ensure that they receive health care regardless of their parents’ economic circumstances!

They hate him because they are told that he has made the world a more dangerous place…  except by every measure of every group except theirs, he hasn’t. In fact most of the rest of the world trusts him, finds him careful, reasoned, honest.

Why then do they really hate him, this quiet, smiling, thoughtful man? They will tell you that they hate him because he is too smart, too foreign, too divisive, and too savage, that he’s a communist, a fascist, a communist fascist. They hate him because he’s the worst president this country has ever had – how else would you describe a Kenyan Muslim socialist gun-stealing tax-raiser? They clench their fists and brandish their weapons and list for you a dozen different justifications for their hate based on a dozen different unprovable lies. Many will eagerly admit to thinking he is the anti-Christ or possessed by demons. Yes yes, they’ll cop to that one in a minute! But the one reason for their hatred that you must never, ever dare to suggest, the one most outrageous and over-the-top accusation which leaves them shocked and insulted and unable to figure out where you got such a ridiculous and untrue idea. They hate him for being the one thing he actually is. He’s black. Well, not really. He’s a half-breed, an embarrassment to white supremacists.

The bottom line answer to who is the most hated president of all times is, I’m afraid,  that we may never know. Everyone has an opinion and the next guy could trump them all. A better question might be, who was the worst president or who was the greatest. For that, there are experts to apply empirical measurements. See what the experts are currently saying here.

Please feel free to post a comment whether you agree or disagree.

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  1. I am a republican and i do not hate Obama as an american i just do not believe in what he stands for. I do not believe in more government, I still believe in the small business and all of these regulations are hurting not helping

  2. Business did just fine for decades, Clyde, under more ridged and restrictive conditions. The era of deregulation that began with Nixon and ended with Bush, led to higher corporate profits, yes, and a wealthier 1 percent. But the rest of us are worse off. Average Americans’ incomes after inflation and taxes have actually declined since the 70s.

  3. If you were to set a goal of reading all the works of Frederic Bastiat, you wont regret it. Pay close attention to Economic Harmonies (sometimes called Harmonies of Political Economy). The Bastiat Collection can be downloaded for free in PDF form, from the Ludwig Von Mises Institute. Also, if you know of any, would you please send me a list of anti-democrat crusaders so I can educate myself about who Democrats hate, and why (Lev 19:15).

  4. Proponents of Austrian economic theory, advocates of laissez-faire policies for the most part, are so far from the mainstream of modern thought and practice that I will not be distracted by what they have to say, except to satisfy historical curiosity. The world today is very different from what it was in the 19th Century.

    I hate no one, sir, but I certainly do not admire or trust politicians who advocate for corporations and the wealthy at the expense of the poor and the middle class. Neither do I trust those who are inconsistent in the messages they convey for political purchase.

  5. The same groups that are against this honorable man and call him a muslim commie socialist Kenyan,these are the same groups that,
    1. didn’t like unions.
    2. didn’t want women to vote.
    3. didn’t like integration and fought it.
    4. didn’t like civil rights.
    5. hate environmental protection laws.
    6. think that richest nation in the world should not have health care for it’s citizens and branded it a communist plot by conservative Guru and Holy man Ron Reagan.
    7. the same bunch that deregulated wall street and had the foxes guarding the hen house.
    8. the same ones that deny climate change no matter no matter how much evidence is presented to the contrary.
    9.same ones who try to impose revisionist history regarding the constitution and pervert its very meaning to their religious bend.
    10. the same gang that gives tax breaks to companies who use slash and burn economic tactics in America and abroad and give them welfare and wars to fatten their wallets at our expense.
    11. the robber barons,the corporate giants who monopolize the media,commerce and have politicians paid and bought for by obscene amounts of cash,
    12. not to mention but i will, being put on the Anti christ list with such notable members like FDR,Kennedy, Truman, Ronald Reagan,the Ayatollahs,Hitler and Stalin.

  6. This has to be the worst article I have read! The long drawn out diatribe on the “supposed” reasons is unbelieveable, and the author had to put in every single “supposed” reason he could find on the web, to insinuate why “Republicans” hate him.
    Let me ask this, why are democrats turning in droves away from Obama? Why have liberal media stations turned on him? Why have talkshow hosts and certain comedy shows turned on him? Why have many of his elitist hollywood friends turned on him?
    Moreover, I do not need anyone to tell me why I should not like or vote for someone, because I watch, I listen, I do my OWN research.
    After the first few debates when he first started running, knew he was not qualified to be the President of America, and time has more than proven this to be true.
    Additionally, the reasons you give as to why people “Love” him, is completely laughable. Go to the streets and really ask people why they would or did vote for him, those are not the answers you will get. And please…he cooperates, he’s fair, wants to compromise, really… You cannot only see the anger on his face when the republicans gives their points of view when they disagree with him, but you can feel it through the TV.
    True compromise is one side giving their thoughts and wants to the other side, then the other side, sending it back with some corrections and additions. This goes on until both sides agree, and both sides have a little of what they both feel is right for the people. Obama did not and has not done that, and it is his way or the highway, and that was proven overwhelmingly with the shutdown in October 2013, over the health care act.
    Now I know my statements will get a lot of people mad, and that is fine, and as I tell my kids, the truth can sting sometimes and people will have earplugs and blinders on to the truth too.
    This writer is unfortunately like so many Obama supporters, they supported a man they wanted to make history with, thought they were going to get all those freebies he promised, and are now ashamed to admit they were fooled.

  7. You ask, Kat, why democrats are turning in droves away from Obama? Why liberal media stations have turned on him? Why talk show hosts and comedy shows have turned on him? Why many of his elitist hollywood friends have turned on him? My answer is that I’m not aware that any of this has occurred. I do believe that the long siege of propaganda from the president’s political opposition (it may be more appropriate to refer to it as his enemies) has had a measure of success. But, given the Congressional stonewall against him built by Republicans, I believe he has done an amazing job as president, especially in the diplomatic arena and as Commander In Chief of our armed forces.

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