Lies About Obama ~ Character Assassination in Politics These Days

Some people refuse to consider facts after they’ve made up their minds. These people are called conservatives.

Opa_IIThings really really haven’t changed much in politics over the years, except that they have become more virulent with the advent of electronic media.  One of the few things Charles Krauthammer has said that I agree with is this: “Every two years the American politics industry fills the airwaves with the most virulent, scurrilous, wall-to-wall character assassination of nearly every political practitioner in the country — and then declares itself puzzled that America has lost trust in its politicians.”

All politicians lie, or at least they get their facts wrong from time to time. But according to a new study from the nonpartisan Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University, Republican politicians are significantly more likely to lie than Democrats And those who vote for Republican candidates are more prone to believe their lies — confirmation bias. This is because conservatives think conservatively; they are more resistent to change and chalenges to their beliefs, or so the study’s authors say.

Giving credit where credit is due, I borrowed the portion of this post that follows which is in quotes. I borrowed it from a Facebook post that showed up on my news feed. It, in turn, had obviously been borrowed (there’s a lot of this going on in social media these days) from another Internet source; I had to do considerable text and spacing clean ups plus grammar edits before I could use it. Attempting to discover the original source, I did a text string Google search. This led me to But the original author’s thought, if in-deed this was the original author, was anonymous.  Therefore, my thanks to whomever it was that first put this together. Yours truly provided the reference links checking the liberal facts.

Conservative: Obama is not an American so he’s not fit to be president.

Liberal: The Supreme Court, and EVERY investigative Congressional body in charge of determining a president’s eligibility, has said that he IS an American… and eligible.

Conservative: Well… he’s a socialist and he wants to redistribute the wealth.

Liberal: Taxes have been the way wealth has been redistributed ever since taxes first started in this country — before Obama was even born. Redistribution is a common American practice.

Conservative: Well… he’s a Muslim and shouldn’t be president.

Liberal: A person’s religion has no bearing on their eligibility for president, according to the Constitution, and in any case – President Obama is a professing believer in Jesus Christ.

Conservative: Well… he’s ungodly because he supports a woman’s right to choose and because he supports gay marriage.

Liberal: The Supreme Court ruled that abortion is legal and gay marriage is considered a civil right now in several states… and since he swore before God and men to support and defend the Constitution (not the Bible), he has a legal and moral obligation to support these things.

Conservative: Well… his Obamacare is gonna destroy America by raising health care costs through the roof.

Liberal: Actually, the states that have accepted the tenants of the Affordable Care Act have seen SIGNIFICANT decreases in health care costs, and costs are going to fall even more as the ACA expands according to the CBO.

Conservative: Well… he is exploding the size of government.

Liberal: Actually, the size of government is smaller under Obama than it has been in about 20 years… and it is getting smaller.

Conservative: Well… he has exploded the deficit and spent more money than any other president.

Liberal: Actually, Obama has spent the LEAST of any president since Eisenhower and has already decreased the deficit by about $300 billion and, since the start of fiscal year 2011, President Barack Obama has signed into law approximately $2.4 trillion in deficit reduction for the years 2013 through 2022.

Conservative: Well… he’s responsible for a cover up in Benghazi.

Liberal: There was no cover up in Benghazi… So far there have been six Congressional Investigations and none of them have found anything that is even close to a cover up… except some Republicans who changed the talking points in the emails that they accused Obama of changing – In any case, Benghazi was a CIA Outpost… not a state department operation. The CIA had operational jurisdiction… it was THEIR call what went out to the public in the talking points.

Conservative: Well… he’s responsible for the IRS cover up.

Liberal: Actually, there was no cover up. The State Department has had the IRS under Investigation for their illegal activity since 2012… and the Republican Congressmen who are accusing Obama of a cover up were aware of it because they were Informed in 2012.

Conservative: Well… Obama was illegally investigating the media for leaks of Confidential information.

Liberal: Actually, it was the Republican controlled House of Representatives that DEMANDED the investigation into media leaks that were endangering national security, this after accusing Obama of allowing the media to perpetrate the leaks.

Conservative: Well… IMPEACH OBAMA!”

I invite your comments on this post whether you agree with it or not.

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  1. The major problem with today’s so called conservatives is that virtually none of them have even the vaguest notion of what a conservative really is.

  2. Opa, it is unbelievable that we as a people buy into all the stuff we hear from Republicans or so called Republicans. People who spout all the stuff about the President are just plain mean & hateful. Surely they cannot believe all the rhetoric they spout. Have we dumbed down to the level of idiots? Some of the things I hear from the mouth of some of the elected officials are just plain embarrassing including the one who has just announced that she will not seek re-election. How did she ever get elected? It is fine to oppose but to just spout lies and inaccuracies really does not make sense to me.

    I might not be the brightest star in the universe but I like to think that I have a bit of common sense and not use my tongue to try & destroy others. We’ve got to check ourselves. And to think that my first vote for a president was for a republican nominee. That was when civility was a part of American culture.

  3. No impeachment for Obama, The Republican members of the House…..would be more appropriate. I advocated legal resident rights from 98-03. I watched the transformation of my fellow Republicans from a conservative to the beginning of what they have become now. I stoped aligning myself with them then. They r no longer for the people, and they will drive more of the middle class into poverty if we don’t at least keep a balance

  4. Your statement “Some people refuse to consider facts after they’ve made up their minds. These people are called conservatives” can also be said of liberals.
    Never in my lifetime have I witnessed both parties believing in things that either have no merit or facts to back what they say or believe. The other horrible thing is that even when presented with supposed facts from a poster who got his/her facts off the web, do not do research to make sure what was posted is true and not something twisted and taken either out of context or completely falsified.
    Voters [and people in general] have other people do their thinking for them more than ever, and can say, that is a very bad thing to do.
    Also suggest people go to another article on this site called “Liberal vs. Conservative ~ Democrat vs. Republican” very good read, and can truly say the author is not biased towards either party and gives a clear picture of how politics work.

  5. This might be a little off the thread, but a lot of things have transpired since the last comment here. I would be interested to hear/read folks’ comments about Obama having uttered the “big lies” about Obamacare – If you like your plan you can keep it… if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. And how about Schumer’s and Harkin’s comments (with 4 years of hindsight) that the democrats should have pursued increasing jobs and fixing the economy instead of healthcare as their first priority back in 2009? And let’s not forget the “admissions” of Jonathan Gruber about how Obamacare was drafted and his thoughts about the intelligence of Americans. And how to the democrats explain their notable losses in the mid-terms last month which cost them the majority in both houses of congress, if they were doing such a good job at governing? And while they’re at it, how do liberals/democrats explain/justify Obama’s “amnesty” of about 4 million (or however big the estimate is) of illegals in this country?

  6. A little off thread? Wow, Curtis! I would characterize your comment(s) as divergent and piling-on. But, yes, the president, in using his now-famous marketing lines over and over: “If you like your plan you can keep your plan,” and, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,” was wrong and he has since admitted as much, in effect, apologizing to the American people. But millions of people now have access to healthcare. The nation, as a whole, is healthier. The nation, as a whole, has been spending less for healthcare – at least the rate of increase in spending has been slowed. In the near future analysts will be able to prove that the quality of care delivered has also improved. Considering all of this, I think it’s time to accept the president’s apology and just move on.
    With respect to others’ opinions about what should have been the president’s priority in the first two years of his presidency, they are welcome to their opinion. But in the president’s first two years, in addition to passing a comprehensive healthcare law, he did manage to stop the economy’s hemorrhaging with expansionary spending. He did rescue the American auto industry, saving millions of jobs, in the process. And the economy started adding jobs rather than shedding them.
    As for the intelligence of Americans, on the whole I’d say that we are pretty stupid – at the least we are misinformed and misguided – as evidenced by the fact that we have returned control of Congress to the party that has done its best in recent years to bankrupt the nation and destroy the middle class.
    As to your claim that the president’s executive order on immigration grants “amnesty” to illegals, that is patently false. It does not.

  7. Opa, I realize that there are people who do not like this president and especially those who banded together on the night of his inauguration to plot against him. To me, this was idiotic and mean spirited and they (the conservatives) have been doing everything in their power to bring this president down. WHY? Because we are not as democratic as we proclaim and are a bunch of hatemongers and racist. Now the whole world knows us for who we are and it aint pretty. Its all about power & greed and we the middle class need to step up to the plate and vote for decent, law abiding people not some of the scumbags that were elected recently. As I have stated to you before, we have lost our way.

    Please tell me that I was asleep during the George Bush years or did not hear any of the conservatives complaining about how things were getting done. And another things, whatever happen to all the money that went missing during Bush’s tenure. No one talks about that anymore.

    It is so wonderful to know that God is still on the throne and He isn’t going any place. After all, this is His world and we will all be judged according to our deeds and deep seated hatred. As I posted on Facebook, we need to be “HAPPY”.

    Be Blessed!

    Nancy Zacharias

    SMILE– “It doesn’t take a lot of strength to hang on. It takes a lot of strength to let go”. J. C. Watts

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