Life Is Like a River

Life is an adventure. It’s like we are each in a canoe afloat on a swiftly moving river. The river is uniquely our own, one that no one else has ever navigated before.


We can paddle like hell sometimes, but our canoe is still going to go downstream, pretty much where it wants to go. Occasionally the river forks and, if we are prepared for it, we can choose to go right or left. Sometimes there are clues to help us choose which fork to take — advice from someone more experienced at navigating their own river perhaps. Sometimes we can see far enough ahead to know which way is more challenging. Maybe we welcome the challenge. Maybe we don’t. The more challenging way, we might suspect, will be the most rewarding way. No risk – no reward. Instinctively we know that.

There are stretches of river where the current is more calm. This is where we have time to make the best decisions — this is where we have time to plan ahead, to rest and prepare ourselves for the next rapid. We can put-in on either shore. We can pick a wide, grassy place or a more narrow, rocky spot. We can also choose to press on till dark. But, sooner or latter, we all have to rest. Come morning, or maybe a day or two later, we all have to get back in our respective canoes and continue downstream. Life is like that. It doesn’t stop.

Pray that there is no 100 foot waterfall ahead. But we can never know.

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